Tu oublieras aussi

Lying on his chest I see those three words - “Tu oublieras aussi” (You will also forget) - tattooed amongst mountains on his inner left arm. Those words that have haunted me. Will I forget you? Will you forget me? What will be the memories that remain?

I remove myself from the present tense and look to our scene from above, wrapped in each other in the dark. Remember this, we whispered below.

Our bodies, our boundaries, that, in rapture, overflowed. And, within our skin, to our separateness, we returned. Did you leave a mark, so I’ll find my way home?

I turn to others. Tell me how you hold your desire. Is it contained, accommodating, quiet? Is it fluid, feral, fearless? What are we allowed to long for, what are we allowed to do? Do you see the colour blue too?

All this longing in this small space; of flesh, love and possible futures. How it is slippery in our grasp, forever retreating and transforming and erupting.

For years I’ve looked at those words, trying to prove them wrong. But there is nothing to do. We will forget, yet still, we must hold on.

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